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UVW-1800 repair

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Is there a maintenance schedule for my UVW 1800 Videorecorder (Deck)?

UVW-1800 Maintenance is performed periodically in order to preserve all functions in good working condition, Video equipment with mounted mechanism use wear parts, wear and deterioration will cause miscelouse malfunctions. Dust, dirt and salt can also impair stable operation. It is important not to just perform repair at the time of breakedown, but also to perform suitable maintenance at regular intervals.

Maintenance scedule for UVW1800 Videorecorder

Operating Hours 500 1000 1500 300 3500 4000
Tape running surface cleaning        
Rotary drum cleanining & Degouseing            
Capstan bearing --   --   --  
Loading motor            
Abnormal Sopunds --   --   --
Breake_tension measurment --   --   --  
FWD/RVD torque measurment --   --   --  

What is operating hours vs guaranteed hours

Operating hours are based on the head rotation hours. Operating hours are recommendation. It may depend on the temperature, humidity, quality of the tape or dust condition. Operating hours are listed as to the reference of maintenance. They do not mean guarantee hours.


Adjustment are performed by highly qualified engineers following adjustment are completed after most repairs are done.

  • Electrical Adjustmenst
  • Machanical Adjustments

Minor Service

Major Service

Minor Repair and Service on Sony UVW 1800 is usually performed at 250 hours up to 500 hours depending on the environment used, such as dusty, sandy, windy salty (such as Shooting in the beach environment) and etc. Major Repair and Service on Sony UVW 1800 is usually performed at 500 hours - 1000 hours. This includes inor service Inspection, Alignment, Cleaning of most major and minor assemblies and replacement as necessary of all common wear parts.
  • Overall Cleaning
  • Transport Cleaning
  • Transport Alignment
  • Drum Head Cleaning
  • Tape Path, Tension,Switching position adjustment
  • Drum Head Assembly
  • Tape Deck assembly
  • Drum Bass Assembly
  • Coaster (T) Block Assembly
  • Pinch Roller Arm Assembly

Self Diagnosis Error Codes

Screen View

Before you send or bring the  camera to us for a repair: Your videorecorder has a self-diagnosis display function. This condition displays your videorecorders condition as a five digit code (combination of letters, numbers and figures) on the LCD screen display windows or on the view finder. If the five digit code is displayed. Check the error code chart, the last two digits indicated by □□ will differ depending on the state of your videorecorder
Self-Diagnosis Code Table
01 Tape slacking is detected in the threading or unthreading operation.
02 Tape slacking or tape breaking is detected in the SEARCH, FF, or REW mode.
03 Tape slacking, tape breaking, or supply or take-up reel locking is detected in the REC or PLAY mode.
04 A malfunctional tape transport speed is detected in the FF or REW mode.
05 The malfunctional operation of the supply or take-up reel is detected during cassette insertion.
06 Excessive tape tension is detected in the REC or PLAY mode.
07 Malfunction of capstan motor is detected.
08 Malfunction of drum motor is detected.
09 Malfunction of threading or unthreading operation is detected.
0A It is detected that the tape top processing is not completed in the threading mode.
10 Dew condensation is detected.
11 The tape top and tape end are detected simultaneously.
12 Malfunction of tape top sensor is detected.
13 Malfunction of tape end sensor is detected.
14 Malfunction of cooling fan motor is detected.
20 Malfunction of cassette compartment-up or down operation is detected.
21 Malfunction of movement of the reel table corresponding to the cassette size is detected.
22 The L-cassette and S-cassette positions of the reel table are detected simultaneously.
23 The thread end and unthread end states of the threading ring are detected simultaneously.
24 Malfunction of DT head is detected.
92 When the communication between SYS CPU (IC1106 on the SS-101 board) and the device listed below is in abnormal state. CP MPU IC706 on CP-396 board SYS2 MPU IC102, LCD rendering IC201 or IC301, or DPRAM IC405 on SY-340 board EEPROM IC115 or IC116 on FP-153 board.
93 Abnormality in the interface between SV CPU (on SS-101 board) and DR MPU (on DR-508 board) is detected.
95 Abnormality operation of an NV-RAM on FP-153 board is detected.
96 The abnormal operation of an NV-RAM (on FP-153 board) for the system control system is detected.
97 The abnormal operation of an NV-RAM (on DR-508 board) for the servo system is detected.
98 The abnormal operation of the NV-RAM for the RF system (on the EQ-104 board) or NVRAM for video processing system (VPR-98 board) is detected.
99 Abnormality in the interface between SYS CPU (on SS-101 board) and SERVO CPU (on ERROR 2 SS-101 board) or MPU (on APR-80, EQ-104, HPR-21, PD-117, SY-340, TSI-58, or VPR-98 board) is detected.